GifTap every donation.
No matter how small using your App


  The advantage of GifTapping your donation here will ensure your charity receives maximum donation including the loose change you drop in a donation box or in a bucket. It centralizes all your donations into one simple file.

  We will maintain a full record and provide easily accessible statements for you to reclaim tax relief up to 20% or reduce your tax threshold.

  Once you have registered you will be able to log every donation in less than three clicks. That’s all it takes to increase your donation by 25% and potentially receiving 20% refund from HMRC.

  We will provide the information you need for free so you can claim back 20% tax relief on all donations from HMRC.

  If you don’t know how to reclaim the 20% income tax, don’t worry we hope to launch the second phase of our service soon. When we do, we’ll complete your self-assessment on your behalf. For now GifTap every donation and we’ll do the rest.

  By GifTapping your donation on our App you will not be able to tick or agree to the Gift Aid declaration with another charity or any other third party organizations for the same donation. You cannot make multiple Gift Aid claims for a single donation for the charities to claim Gift Aid on your behalf. If you have signed a Gift Aid declaration with a charity or a third party to claim Gift Aid on your behalf for past and future claims you must notify them that you will now log all donations on GifTap because it is easy, accurate and will guarantee they the charity will receive maximum.

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